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At Striker 9 we believe that success comes not only from mastering the STRIKER skills in our football coaching classes, but also from having access to tools that can support a child's journey towards becoming a well-rounded football player. Our products are carefully designed to complement the coaching process and provide a complete learning experience as well as helping your child perform their best every time they step on the pitch.

Certificates and medals

Once your child has mastered the skills associated with each of the nine levels in our program, they'll receive a certificate and medal recognizing their achievement.

Striker 9 Medal


Our portfolio is a valuable resource that includes educational information on code of conduct, training and nutrition. In addition to this, it provides a way for your child to track their progress and identify which skills they need to practice further.

Striker 9 Portfolio Cover

It also serves as a keepsake where your child can store their medals and certificates that they have earned throughout the program.

Striker 9 Portfolio Certificates & Medals


A custom Striker 9 Mitre football is the perfect way to take your child's football playing skills to the next level! With a unique design featuring the Striker 9 logo, this ball will help them stand out on the pitch and feel confident as they practice their skills. Made from high-quality materials, this ball is durable and perfect for all weather conditions. Plus, the Striker 9 branding lets everyone know that you're serious about your football skills and part of the Striker 9 community.

Striker 9 Football

Boot bag

Our Striker 9 football boot bag is an essential accessory for any young footballer. With its durable and lightweight design, it's the perfect way to store and transport your child's boots and other essential football equipment to games and training sessions. Plus it has a handy section to write your name on so you can ensure its always in your possession.

Striker 9 Boot Bag

Water bottle

Stay hydrated in style with the Striker 9 football water bottle. Made with high-quality materials, a sleek design and easy-to-use flip-top lid, it's the perfect way to stay refreshed during even the most intense games and training sessions.

Striker 9 Water Bottle