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Striker 9 football coaching classes in Leeds provide a fun and dynamic way for children aged 5 to 12 to develop their football skills and to reach their full potential. Our awards program combines football coaching with leadership and team skills to create a complete learning experience for children of any ability.

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Nine Award Levels

Our Striker 9 program is comprised of nine award levels, from 1 to 6, followed by Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Children progress through each level by mastering a set of seven STRIKER skills associated with each level. The ultimate goal is to achieve the Gold award.

Seven Striker Skills

The STRIKER skills are a series of 63 different skills or techniques that will be taught over the course of the program. These skills are broken down into seven themes, each represented by a letter in the word "STRIKER":

Running with the ball
In & Out dribbling
Keep Ups & Control of the ball
'Ed' the ball (age appropriate only)
Right & Left foot passing

As children progress through the nine award levels, the skills will become progressively harder and more challenging. At the end of each level children can attend additional weeks to practice any skills that need further development.

Tracking Progress

Our coaches will work with each child to identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them progress through the program. At the end of successfully completing each award level, children will earn a certificate and a medal to recognise this achievement.

Each child has the opportunity to purchase their own Striker 9 portfolio. This valuable resource includes information on code of conduct, training and nutrition. The portfolio also provides a way for children to track their progress and identify which skills they need to practice further. It serves as a keepsake where children can store their medals and certificates that they have earned.

Join us at Striker 9 Football Coaching and take your child's football skills to the next level!

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